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Art Direction

Creative direction involves multidisciplinary coordination of a range of activities. It requires careful analysis of human and technological corporate values, which are the cornerstones of the strategies presented to clients. There are many differences between these case studies of Horm and Fantin: the aim of the first scheme was to strengthen the brand by expanding the collection, while the second project has the ambitious goal of turning a subcontractor into a design company. The examples show that every project has unique characteristics and may involve a variety of slants on the design spheres that are briefly described below.

Design Works

The projects are conceived following market analysis work (examining trends and competition) and investigation of the potential production processes. Creative content is combined with attention to detail, as appealing aesthetics and practicality are brought together. Regular meetings with clients allow the work to proceed and help to provide constant updates, from the initial concept to the launch of the product on the market.

Research & Development

Familiarity with manufacturing processes and establishing partnerships with external suppliers play a key part in the enhancement of product industrialization. The continually growing network (with more than 40 partner companies in fields such as wood, metal, glass, plastic, electronics and LEDs) helps to ensure that the very latest materials and processes are utilized in production. Assistance with patent development is also provided.

Brand Identity

Having studied the brand identity, a carefully coordinated, well-established network of professional figures (such as graphic and web designers, photographers, stylists and video makers) can be used to develop the best possible tools for brand communication. This can encompass printed materials (such as catalogues, price lists and brochures), multimedia output (such as websites, videos and newsletters) and architectural works (such as showrooms, stands and flagship stores).