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Fantin Art Direction

2012  •  Present

Fantin was founded in 1968. It is a specialist manufacturer of metal furnishings and accessories. The company is renowned for the quality of its in-house production units, which are capable of meeting even the most complex requirements, right down to the customization of individual products.

The goal of the creative direction work at Fantin is to transform it from a longstanding contractor into an international design company. The first stage of this process lasted around a year. It involved an overhaul of the corporate identity and development of all of the new collections. The sales tools (such as the website, catalogues, price lists and data sheets) were designed to reflect the new style while meeting the numerous commercial and technical requirements. In addition, new products were designed. They included three lines of sliding cupboards (Fantin’s core business) that were designed for uses other than the traditional large filing solutions. The second stage in the creative direction project is still underway. The range is being extended and additional development work is being done on the communication front. Indriolo continues to supervise the team of expert professionals, which includes Giorgio Cedolin for corporate identity coordination and graphic design, Ikon Srl for photography and video production, Claudia Sani for styling, Nudesign Srl for the creation of images with computer graphics.

Download Fantin catalogue 2018 (32MB)

^ The version of the Binaria sliding wardrobe with an exclusive frame and built-in lighting. For further information, click here

^ The Vela sliding cupboard, with its distinctive full-height handles. For further information, click here

^ The wheel-propelled Discovery sliding cupboard. For further information, click here

^ The Aer collection of tables. For further information, click here

^ Historical collections have been reissued with slightly tweaked designs, new colours and photography to match the new image.

Fantin Art Direction

^ The new logo was designed following research into the company’s values and objectives.