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Horm Art Direction

2011  •  2012

Horm was founded in 1989 and in just a few years it established itself as a leading name in the design world. It gained a reputation for making wooden furniture with huge visual impact, thanks to prestigious collaborations that earned it three Compasso d’Oro design awards in just 10 years.

The Horm range was significantly expanded in a relatively short period of time, with the addition of 12 new products by Indriolo (Oblique, Anish and Albino Family) and internationally renowned architects and designers (Toyo Ito, Steven Holl, Matteo Thun and Todd Bracher). In addition, designs that had been presented to the public in the past but never released were engineered, while legendary products were restyled and optimized in terms of production costs and functionality. The image coordination work included shooting still lifes and taking photos on location for the new edition of the general catalogue, with contributions from Barazzuol/Malisan for the graphic design and Gianni Antoniali/Ikon Srl for the photography.


^ the Ripples bench by Toyo Ito (winner of the Compasso d’Oro industrial design award in 2004) and, on the right, the new outdoor version made of okoume wood


^ the reissued Riddled Buffet by Steven Holl made of laser perforated ebony sheets


^ the reissued Sendai bookcase by Toyo Ito, with glass shelves instead of the original aluminium ones


^ Twine bed, designed by Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez


^ Canard table, designed by Todd Bracher


^ Hexagon modular system, designed by Steven Holl

^ The Anish collection of storage units, designed by Salvatore Indriolo. For further information, click here

^ The Oblique collection of storage units, designed by Salvatore Indriolo. For further information, click here

^ The Albino Family collection of tables, designed by Salvatore Indriolo. For further information, click here


^ the Hi-Ply range of beds was restyled to bring the design up to date and cut the production costs


^ the success of the Cherish chair led to the creation of a children’s version: Baby Cherish


^ in addition to the original anodized aluminium finish, the Yume mirrors are now also available with a matt black coating


^ the engineered Ray collection of chairs, designed by Orlandini Design

^ the engineered Plywood Chandelier light, designed by Steven Holl